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We are currently accepting Lightning Talk submissions for HOPE-X!

Do you have a project or proposal to pitch? Do you have a subject you would like to share? Have something to show off? Want to give a talk on something cool, but don't want to prepare an entire long talk? Then give a Lightning Talk at HOPE-X!

Lightning Talks are 5 minutes long talks (or less), on any subject you like. With or without slides. With or without props. This is a great way to promote any topic / interest of choice.

To submit a talk idea, enter it below and/or send an email to mmorsi with your talk subject (as well as any into you'd like) as well as times of availability.

A strict 5 minute time limit will be enforced on talks (they will be timed!), presenters will have a projector available for their use.


  • Friday July 18: 4pm-5:50pm
  • Saturday July 19: 4pm-4:55pm

Location: "YOU" room, the 4th track on the 18th floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania.

See the 'final' speaker lineup here

Lightning Talks
Presenter Talk Title / Subject Availablility
Mo Morsi Omega: A Universe Over IP All Friday / Saturday
Lee von Kraus Backdoors of the Mind Friday Afternoon / All Saturday
Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn Tahoe-LAFS
Michael Horowitz Comcasts Xfinity Wifi Security All Friday / Saturday
MC McGrath Tools for the Sousveillance State All Friday
Jamie Klinger JoatU : Community Marketplace & Local Benevolence Currency Generator All Saturday
Matej Vakula Manuals for Public Space / Open Source Public Space All Friday / All Saturday (prefer Saturday)
Kenji Larsen Trust and Complexity All Saturday
Chris Barry and Colin Mahns Darkweb-Everywhere All Saturday
Filippo Valsorda don't lose your (browsing) history All Friday / Saturday
Evan Light Telecom is Dead: The Handheld Autonomy Project Saturday
Nicholas A. Giovinco 3D printing of anatomic surgical practice models
Jim Whitescarver WikiWorld augmented reality, freedom is now. All Friday / All Saturday
Stephanie Losi Bridging the Language Gap: Get Everyone Coding All Friday
RenderMan Air Traffic Control Systems
Tommy Collison Students Against Surveillance Prefer Friday before 4:30pm
Steve Revilak The Pirate Party: Hacking Politics Friday or Saturday
Katherine Bennett Transposing Space & Time: Constructing Spaces to Share Friday or Saturday, prefer Friday
Pete Fein Xkeyscore: in plain sight? Friday only
Benn Kobb The FCC's New 3.5 GHz CB Radio Service Friday or Saturday
Paul F Renda The war of attrition on hackers All Saturday
L. Amber Wilcox Ohearn Protecting the Authenticity, Availability, and Integrity of your Brain No Preference
Matt Singleton Trust Anti-patterns No Preference
Alex Marthews How did the Snowden revelations change search engine behavior? Saturday
David Stainton Operational security practices for international travel using Tahoe-LAFS No Preference
Christopher Clark Running the Internet of Things entirely on the things Friday preferred
Kamron Saniee Surveillance as a Narrative Device: Scene Analysis from <<film>> Friday or Sat, Pref Friday
Michael Lee Nirenberg History of Computer Hacking Documentary Saturday Only
Isaac Meadows The CANbus protocol Both days
Joel Yarmon Seed Venture Capital: What I do & What I'm looking for in 5 min or less Friday 4-5 prefered
sixtywatt Ethereum: decentralized application platform using the Ether crypto-fuel
Erica Owens Knight-Mozilla Fellowship Both Days
Remy Octavian Cucui S.K.I.N.: The AR you made of what you want to show based on who you want to see. Friday and Saturday until 4:50 pm
Sebastian Mondial "You should listen to your apps more often" Both Days, Pref Sat
Ed Ryan Tethering over FCC complaints -- How I'm fighting Verizon to open up tethering. Free all Saturday.
Daniel Kahn Gillmor The PCLOB degrades the US Constitution Either
Nick Anthony Homegrown Counterveillance Either
topkek Hackerspace Arcade Nightclub / Transhumanist Think Tank
David Geib snow: how address independence gets you transparent end-to-end encryption and NAT traversal, even for existing applications