“Everyone is Shanti Sena” at HOPE, starting tonight Workshop

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"Everyone Is Shanti Sena" at HOPE, starting tonight

This workshop will be given:
   Day 2: Saturday, July 13, 2024, 9:30pm - 11:30pm, in Tobin 221 (Workshop 2)

Materials cost:
Goodies will be shared
NOTE: You do NOT need to register to take this workshop -- please show up early to ensure a seat at Tobin 221 (Workshop 2).


Shanti Sena is a version of community self policing that has been in practice for over 50 years at Rainbow Gatherings. It is one way to begin implementing DE-TASKING, which is an alternative to calling the police should a disruption occur. The workshop includes a brief history of Rainbow Gatherings (which are non-commercial), Shanti Sena at Rainbow Gatherings, and types of Shanti Sena. It also covers some of Rainbow’s connections, like with Occupy Wall Street's infrastructure and with the forming of the EFF. Included will be a video demonstration of Shanti Sena in action. You will see how Rainbow is the opposite of cancel culture, learn diffusion tips with love as the main ingredient, and practice roll playing in different scenarios.


Anonapussy, Garrick Beck and Rob Savoye.

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See Bio's Below!

Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to take this workshop -- just show up early to ensure a seat.
Preferred prerequisites:

~ Watch the 40 minute "We Love You (Official Full-Legnth) Rainbow Gathering Documentary"

~ Learn about Rainbow Gatherings. https://www.welcomehome.org/

~ See our long-standing picture policy published in our mini-manuals which states "Always ask permission before taking a picture of any other person. This includes groups as well as individuals. There are many reasons..." http://www.bliss-fire.com/1995MiniManual.htm

~ Learn about harassment that gatherers endure. Cops even train on us, deep in the woods, every year. This is despite our accomplishments; Rainbow folks do so many great things, that we've been Thanked in Person at the White House. Note: To see the court transcript that proves cops train on us, take out the word "view" in the link found in the Reference Docs/Links section here https://rpcrew.wordpress.com/

~ Watch the 18 minute NBC documentary "Life, Death and 'Cop City' the Fight over the Future of Policing"

~ Learn what cops were ALREADY trained in when they killed George Floyd. Good sources:

      " ‘Starve the Beast’: A Q&A With Alex S. Vitale..." The Nation, 6/4/20

    “Umaine Reflects on the policing system…” The Main Campus, 10/24/22

~ Share the https://copcitystatuses.us/ website with cool folks nationwide, encouraging them to post photos of current construction statuses of their local planned cop city sites.

More info:

Things I hope folks will take away from this workshop:

+ That there are, and have been, Unarmed alternatives to policing, that work.

+ How taking care of each other more, often leads to magically protecting each other from the police, automatically.

+ That one of the best ways to keep each other safe, is actually going Towards a situation - that can most likely benefit from your assistance - rather than letting fear (of an unknown outcome) and avoidance take over, which causes inaction.

+ That folks unlike us, are more like us, than we think.

+ That getting along with others in-person is a Vital Life Skill, that results in increased Numbers en-mass, and in Community.
Both of which are crucial and essential for positive societal improvement.

+ That Rainbows adhere to Consensus decision-making, because we constantly strive for there to be Equality worldwide.


Anonapussy is a staunch researcher in De-tasking and the Stop Cop CitIES from Being Built movement, motivated long ago by the loss of a friend at the hands of the police, then recently reactivated by the police murder of climate activist Tortuguita on U.S. soil. Born into an activist family, she has visited prisoners, learned to get along with folks unlike her through disaster relief work, and helped improve our world by contributing positively to things like creating and saving community gardens, creating more bike lanes, helping to shut down the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, helping to prevent a liquid natural gas station from existing on a New York waterway, helping to decriminalize weed, helping to set up and run Rainbow Gatherings, working security at festivals, protecting people from police, doing court support and jail taxi. She thinks the golden rule is cool, and is fascinated by (falling) acorn power.

Garrick Beck was born into Off-Broadway’s Living Theatre, founded by his progressive artist parents Julian Beck and Judith Malina. He left that fabulous Beat Generation scene, moved ‘Back-to-the-land’ in Oregon where he was instrumental in the beginnings of the organic food movement and sustainable forestry, then he returned to New York where he pioneered a Children’s Gardening Program that has been replicated in hundreds of urban landscapes. Additionally he was one of the co-founders of The Rainbow Gatherings: communitarian, gently anarchic, free events, open to everyone, held on public forest lands for over fifty years and now in as many countries. Beck has spent Federal prison time for defending the rights of peaceable assembly on public lands, resulting in rulings that have overturned multiple sets of Federal Regulations as Unconstitutional, and preserving – to some degree – everyone’s rights of public assembly.

Rob Savoye is a fire fighter, long-time free software engineer, contractor, consultant, primary developer of Gnash, developer of projects like GNU, GCC, GDB, and Autotools, who worked on One Laptop Per Child, Air Traffic Control software, won the FSF award for the advancement of Free Software, helped build the EFF, and has software that has been included in every Linux distribution. He is also an activist who has been to court many times for Rainbow Gatherings, to defend the right to peacefully assemble on public land, and to be houseless in the Colorado front range. Rainbow and the Grateful Dead were huge influences because decades ago, they saw that big tech would grow to control our lives, and they decided that openly shared software developed via community support was better than the large corporations. He currently works on mapping software, both out in the field as well as in the computer world, for international emergency disaster response.

Workshop promo video: https://toobnix.org/w/xghYTKAvrn6UpPqqUhN968

Take care, Stop Cop Cities Everywhere, See you there. Live, from New York, it's Saturday night!