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Anarchist Hackers Village

Anarcho hacker flag
Anarcho hacker logo

Join the VR Anarchist Hacker Village


What are Anarchist Hackers? Well considering hackers and libertarian ideas are very prevalent in the hacker culture, only recently in the last 10-15 years a big group of hackers have started to make this another part of the hacker culture along with hardware hackers, software hackers, lock pickers, journalist and so on... Anarchist Hackers are not only Hacktivists, they are full blown 100% hackers involved in the hacker culture that believe that Anarchism and the hacker culture are very similar and compatible, specially if you look at Steven Levy's hacker ethics. To read more you can check this at Noisebridge the first denominated Anarchist Hacker Space in the US Wiki page about Anarchist Hackers



  • We have virtual bulletin boards where you can pin your flyers/pamphlets with information about you hacker/anarchist collective or any events going on during HOPE by asking ReK2 or killab33z to PIN it to the bulletin board if you're not able to.

Hackerñol Live Hacker Show

  • TO BE ANNOUNCED for HOPE 2022 - We will be recording out monthly Spanish Hacker show live from the Anarchist Hacker Village.

Talks by friends

For HOPE 2022:


  • We will have random cyberpunk(Industrial, Dark Techno, Dark PsyTrance, Dark Electro, Dark synthpop etc) playing along most of the time. Here is a list of the VR rooms in the village that offer music in club-like environments:
 - Outdoor psychedelic trance festival
 - Sigma's club
 - Disco house club
 - Cyberpunk themed chill out club


Documentaries related to Hacker culture with a focus on Hacktivism and Anarchism

From HOPE 2020, This year we will have the streams, AFTER the HOPE streams we will have some documentaries similar to the ones below always at EST night time after the talks live talks.


We are meeting and hanging out virtually using Mozilla Hubs

  1. Our Virtual Anarchist Hacker neighborhood
  2. you can click here

Why Mozilla Hubs

We try to always follow the hacker ethics specially to use open free software and hardware, before all VR rooms where propietary remember second life? it was cool but it was centralized and propietary so until now there was not VR enviroment that you could install your own node and share freely with other people. We use Mozilla hubs because we though it will be a great way to interact with people and do things together like watch documentaries, listen to music and chat. is a mix between CHAT, Video conferecing, Bulleting Board email and 3d space, in CyberSpace.

Help & Troubleshooting

The first time the VR room loads into your browser will be around 30 secs or so because the VR objects need to download. After this procedure and as long you use the same browser it will be in cache.

Regular usage Help and RTFM

What browsers we recommend

  • We use Chromium, Firefox, and Qutebrowser as it needs to support webGL obviously.
  • Phone works but may take longer, see phone navigation here

How to fix common issues

Try some of these troubleshooting steps to fix issues that users have experienced, such as not being able to see buildings or avatar skins:

1) Try changing settings to lower resource usage by opening the URL, check on your TOP LEFT and open the menu, click on Preferences and then Misc tab and try changing Max Resolution to a lower number or try changing Material quality to low.

  • Resolution-mozilla-hubs-highlighted1.png

2) Try changing your browser to use the mobile version If you append "?mobile" to a VR link, then it will force render to mobile, which can help some computers load the VR rooms. - Ex:

Other options

  • If you want to idle in VR, then tell your browser to allow idle by appending "?allow_idle" to a VR link, then it will let you idle in the VR room.

- Ex:

- Ex:



Chat on Matrix and hang out outside of VR/Mozilla Hubs

  • get your favorite Matrix client we recomend Gomuks or Nheko not RIOT or new Elements they suck.
  • <--- /join
  • [Invite only] Ask ReK2 or KillaB33z for invite
  • [CTF channel]
  • [Invite only] Ask...
  • You do no need to have a matrix address to join is **federated** so resolves around the hacker ethics of decentralization.

Contact for Help or Info

  • Matrix:
  • Email:
 - pgp:

Other fun stuff

Some of our members have used this website to create avatars to look like them, if you want to try it out ^_^