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Using the HOPE conference bot

Direct message the HOPE CoreBot ( with the token(s) you have received. It will be a 64 character long string of letters and numbers. Send one message to the bot for each token you have:

Regular attendees: request <your-token>


       presenter <your-token>

Volunteers: volunteer <your-token>

Send the bot the message help

to repeat this message.


You arrive in the HOPE Welcome channel. You can read the instructions sent by the bot, then type

/msg request 01aee0f1c2793578d6e20e5e93865e2d7035f3c92f754dad134ecaae8fde709d

If you have a second token, repeat the command.

You can also message the bot by clicking on the "+" in the UI and typing, then type

request <your-token>