Custom Electronics and Activism in K-12 Education workshop

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MakeFashion Edu


9 year olds are designing wearable electronics to promote their beliefs. In humanities classes, math classes, and in clubs. We do need to bring in ethics, self agency, power tools, coding, and empathy…. but it’s less of a melting pot and more of an environment that finally makes sense.

Join our MakeFashion Edu discussion! We will make a video that is easy for you to scrub through to find different topics:

  *   Amateur Electronics Design in Shenzhen
  *   Project Based Learning in K-12 schools
  *   Advocacy through Fashion and Technology

Afterwards we will do a multi-room AMA on each of the topics, with introductory instructions on lighting up ws2812b LEDs. We will have some development boards on hand to run your code on our ws2812b LEDs. Or you can just drop in to see demos and chat.

Doing way cool things is really cool. Studies show that everyone should do cool things!]

Full Description

Study showing that doing cool things is cool

Participants will all learn to do cool things.

Cool things matter!

Studies show that if you do cool things, things are cool. And if you do way cool things, then things get even cooler!

I've done cool things for the past 3 years, and because of that, my life is way cooler than it was.

In this workshop I will share my experiences with you, and show you how you can do more cool things.

Of course, doing cool things takes practice -- years of practice! But, fortunately, it is cool to practice doing cool things. And this cool workshop will start you on your way to doing way cool things!


You need to REGISTER in advance to take this workshop::
registration link info TBD


To do the hands-on portion of this workshop you will need to order and receive workshop MATERIALS:
cool materials
Cost: $TBD
IMPORTANT: To receive the materials in time for the workshop, you must use EXPRESS Shipping.

Required Software

Please load the free software, makecode, on your device before logging on -- Windows, Linux, or MacOS are all fine!:]


James Simpson, manufacturer turned educator, empowers education communities with spaces, events, lessons, and materials. His goal is to allow students to learn by hacking, problem solving, and making their own choices.

Carrie Leung is a maker-educator focused on building open community platforms for young makers, educators, and industry to collaborate, learn, and connect. Outside the classroom, she built non-profit programs and spaces, MakeFashion Edu and SteamHead, to connect her community of schools, teachers, and companies with each other and to leverage the amazing technology manufacturing resources that Shenzhen is famous for.

Twila Busby has more than 20 years experience in education, where she has been an advocate and trainer for Project Based Learning. While her Shenzhen school had one of the first dedicated school makerspaces, and Twila promotes the idea that every classroom should be a makerspace, where academics support creativity and students bring their ideas into the physical world.


here's a link to a cool thing