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Dim Sum Labs

Dim Sum Labs Live Stream (Hope BBB)
Matrix (Hope)
#dimsumlabs (Freenode)
Wiki (dimsumlabs.com)
Mailing list

Current community projects:

  • Pink grow lab: Vines from the Hong Kong jungle growing in an electronically controlled environment.
  • Improving our laser cutter: analog control panel (components are there, just need to be assembled), better water cooling (stronger pump is there, and new tubing, also conductivity meter for checking how much biocide we can add safely)
  • Clean up the space, get rid of junk
  • The wall, our IRC display (makes the ceiling lights blink if someone posts)
  • CNC mill (broken spindle, lots of stuff not working, parts need to be ordered)

Current member projects:

  • Get shell access (distant dream?) on a Ricoh GR III compact camera, which runs Linux (ask feklee)
  • Classic IBM ThinkPad-Keyboard with TrackPoint adapted to USB/Bluetooth, maybe with a small ARM machine built in (ask feklee)