Evolve Beyond Grade Based Education workshop

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So you've noticed the education infrastructure we've inherited isn't quite up for the new challenges. GPA is outdated, and we need to transition institutions to a more collaborative paradigm. To evolve beyond GPA, we need to build credit ramps! Developed in a Beijing high school, the MATRIX is a credentials converter that bridges GPA, competency-based assessment, and micro-certifications. Using a collaborative spreadsheet of links, it open sources teaching materials, cultivates self-directed learning skills with the habit of documentation, and shares learning evidence through a communal portfolio. If you're a teacher bound by GPA looking to encourage self-directed learning and peer-to-peer teaching - or a hacker seeking to create an index matching community of hackers and their skills, join this workshop! You will learn to set up a MATRIX, compile grades, competencies, and certifications from a course, and add recently learned skills from the conference into a HOPE 2020 MATRIX.


  • Intro to HOPE 2020 MATRIX of Certifications to Teach
  • Why create MATRIX?
  • Culture of the MATRIX
  • Compile GPA
  • Compile Competencies
  • Compile Certificates/Badges
  • HOPE 2020 MATRIX Playground


You need to REGISTER in advance to take this workshop, but no limit to number of attendees/n Registration Link on https://scheduler.hope.net

Required Software

This workshop will be using Google Sheets as the primary spreadsheeting tool and for the HOPE 2020 MATRIX of Certifications to Teach. However, you can use which ever spreadsheeting software you like best.

  • Google Drive and Sheets
  • VPN (if in country that needs it to access Google)


A video of the workshop is available on the 2600 YouTube channel:


here's a link to a cool thing