Fight COVID with Botnets workshop

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Got a spare CPU/GPU? Join a team of hackers (including members of r00t, cDc, the L0pht, LOD, and MOD) using distributed computing to help scientists fight COVID-19 with the Folding@home client!

The r00tf0lds Folding@home team (#258829) will teach what protein folding is, how it helps science fight disease, team history, and the past hacker events and causes that inspired our motivational methods and helped push our success. We will teach how to install and configure the software, what to expect when folding, and how to use advanced configurations to get the most from your CPU/GPU.

In a short time, the team grew to over 350 users, is ranked in the top 80 of 250,000+ teams, boasting 10+ billion points, and has passed large corporations like Cisco, Apple and Google, and countries like Vietnam, Poland, and Ireland. Presenters and top team members will be on-hand to answer your questions live!


  • What: Learn About Folding Proteins, Distributed Computing, and Hacker History
  • When: 16:30 - 17:30 (4:30 - 5:30PM) EDT Wednesday, July 29th.
  • Where: link will be emailed to all registered participants
  • Who: Anyone who can spare computing power! All ages can fold! HOWEVER, we curse regularly, we can't help it.

You must register to take this workshop -- Click here to register for HOPE 2020.


We are all old school. Some of us have to stay somewhat anonymous for personal or professional reasons.

  • Bellum / Tim (r00tf0lds co-founder) didn't sell out, he bought in. The difference is important but only to sell outs.
  • Beamz / Ed (r00tf0lds co-founder) spends his time building things that spark, are shiny, bright, and usually secure.
  • X (r00t, original team member) is the official r00t hacker archivist and purveyor of the best hacker stickers on planet Earth.
  • Ophie / Peg Nottingham (r00t, original team member) is a programmer, artist, and designer. She has designed many r00t and r00tf0lds graphics.

Special Guests

Also appearing will be notable members of the r00tf0lds team to discuss some of the past causes and events organized by hackers and the motivational methods we borrowed from their efforts and which helped push our success.

Workshop Details

There will be a pre-recorded introduction, a brief panel discussion, followed by instruction for downloading and installing the Folding@Home client software. The live portion will begin post-installation and will include a live question & answer session via video conference chat functionality. We can accommodate a large audience, and will provide a forum for further discussion should the questions go over time or outside the scope of the workshop.


Wednesday, July 29th.
16:30 - 17:30 (4:30 - 5:30PM) EDT


Click here to register for HOPE 2020.

What skills do participants need

General computer and internet knowledge: downloading files, installing and running software. Advanced configurations and remote client configuration require knowledge of CPU and GPU hardware, and how to find the IP address of the computers & operating systems in use.

What equipment do participants need

A computer running Windows, MacOS or Linux, an internet connection, an email account (to receive a passkey which is required for points to count).

How to prepare in advance

Participants can prepare in advance by reviewing the Folding@Home rules and policies and downloading the Folding@Home client. Installation will be covered during the demo, but it can be helpful for the participant to have already installed the software; as time is limited, we cannot offer extensive troubleshooting.