Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. Migrate your account!

The Matrix server will be shut down a while after the conference ends. When this happens, all accounts, rooms, and communities on will disappear. Before that happens, be sure to:

  • Make contact with your new friends outside Matrix, or with accounts (both you and them!) not on
  • Create a new Matrix account on another homeserver, for example or
  • If you want to, migrate your account from to your new homeserver
    • Your old homeserver would be, and your new one would be e.g.
    • For best results, sign out of both accounts while it runs - Make sure you wrote down your encryption key before signing out!
  • Join to keep chatting
  • If you have any problems, ask in the tech support channel!

Note: Your new account will not be able to authenticate with CoreBot, since your ticket has already been used. This doesn't really matter, since the attendee channels will be locked soon (if they aren't already).

2. Where are the Villages?

 You can find villages by searching for them in the search box. 
 Here are some links to help you get started.
  Lockpicking Village

2a. Aren't most of the villages supposed to be open all day? How do I access them?

  Access to the villages depends on the person in charge of the village. After a BBB session for the village has been started the person in charge will put a link on their village wiki page. (links above) You can also sign up for any of the workshops if they offer them. 

3. Where is the transcription?

 The transcription links are updated on REAL_TIME_TEXT page (one transcription per talk or keynote). Please note that the wiki for the real time text may not update immediately, so ask for the otter ai link in the Q&A channel if it's not there.

4. I wasn't invited to all the channels or I don't see all the channels in Matrix. How do I fix it?

 The HOPE Matrix Bot aka Conference_bot is your friend. Message the bot with your ticket and it will invite you. 
 Some users have had to log out and log back in or switch browsers to get channels to show back up.

5. Do I have to provide an email address?

 Adding your email for registration is optional. If you add an email you are required to verify it before you can log in.

6. I didn't get a confirmation email for a workshop I signed up for.

 There is no confirmation sent after you sign up for a workshop. You should receive an email with the room information about an hour before the workshop.

7. I can't sign up for a workshop why is the limit so low?

  Starting Sunday (7/26/2020) all workshops are open. You don't have to sign up for them. The link will be announced about 10 mins before it begins in the and matrix channels.  

8. Will workshops be recorded so I can watch them later?

  Most workshops aren't going to be recorded to watch later. That is up to the person giving the workshop. A list of workshops that were recorded will be available later.

9. I missed a talk! Where can I watch the replay?

  Don't worry the talks are being archived.  You can find them on Archive dot org and on livestream dot com
  For livestream you click the Event Posts Link on the right hand side below the go live button. 
  livestream dot com
  And here's a link to the archive dot org page.

10. I bought a ticket and I haven't got my ticket token yet?

  It takes a while to process new tokens but you should get your ticket token within 12 hours of your purchase. If you haven't received it by then please email the [ helpdesk] and include your order information.

11. Where is the secondary stream or alternative streams?

  The LIVESTREAM page has all the details, but you can try and access Room 2 here.

12. Why can't I log in to the matrix server through my phone or another app?

  Matrix home server URL for desktop/mobile clients:

13. My workshop link keeps taking me to the wrong event! How do I make it stop?

  If this happens the fastest fix is to close your browser and relaunch. There's some caching happening somewhere and this has proven to be the quickest fix so far.

14. Where can I get the music that's playing between the talks?

  The music is by Cameron Glass, and it's available on Bandcamp for free here:

15. Hope do I ask a question during and after a talk or workshop?

  The !LIVESTREAM room is for Q&A during talks. Some talks continue the conversation afterward in the Hallway Conversations room After the talk, you can sometimes provide feedback on the talk's or workshop's page at For other talks, you can check out their wiki page for contact information.

16. I want to buy a t-shirt or badge, how do I do that?

  Every attendee will get a t-shirt and a badge. Make sure to look out for an email in the next month

17. Where can I watch all the videos from the Cyberpunk Now Film Festival?

  You can view all of the films here