Go the Wrong Way workshop

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Good developers study documentation carefully and thoroughly understand their language. However, some people just want to code fast, break into things, and skip over the details. This CTF is for them.

Even if you've never programmed before, you can make simple attack tools in Go. We'll peform port scans, HTTP requests, brute-force logins, crack password hashes, and perform encryption using XOR and AES.

The workshop is structured in a CTF format. Each participant works at their own pace. The techniques will be demonstrated, with complete step-by-step instructions to lead beginners through the easy challenges. There are also harder challenges for more experienced participants. We will help participants as needed, to ensure that everyone learns something new.

Participants need a credit card (which won't be charged) to reserve a free Google Cloud server. All the tools we will use are freely available, and all the training materials will remain available to everyone after the workshop ends.

Visit samsclass.info to access the workshop materials.