Hidden in Plain Text workshop

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Hidden in Plain Text: An introduction to PGP/GPG Encryption


Digital encryption is a fundamental technology in digital communication that ensures the privacy of communication over public channels. This workshop introduces the concept of encryption and why it is important in communication. We’ll discuss the history of encryption from pre-digital to digital forms. The workshop will cover different types of encryption such as symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption. Finally, participants will see digital encryption in action by encrypting and decrypting messages in a guided activity that introduces PGP/GPG encryption, a standard that is commonly used for email encryption.

Full Description


You need to REGISTER in advance to take this workshop::
registration link info TBD


- Terminal

Required Software

- Repl.it
- Comfortable with CLI or a willingness to learn


A video of the workshop is available on the 2600 YouTube channel:


PGP/ GPG Introduction I - Symmetric Encryption
PGP/ GPG Introduction 2 - Asymmetric Encryption