Is there HOPE for phone privacy? CalyxOS and privacy-focused FLOSS phone solutions

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Is There HOPE for Phone Privacy? CalyxOS and Privacy-Focused FLOSS Phone Solutions

This workshop will be given:
   Day 2: Saturday, 13-July-2024, 4:00pm - 5:00pm, in Tobin 223 (Workshop 3)

Materials cost:

NOTE: You do NOT need to register to take this workshop -- please show up early to ensure a seat at Tobin 223 (Workshop 3).


Your phone: useful tool and trusted companion, or sneaky spy spilling all the private details of your life? You decide! This presentation aims to shed light on the phone privacy threats that users face (like location tracking, insecure communications, and more) and how privacy-focused FOSS smartphone operating systems like CalyxOS can be the foundation of effective mitigation strategies to safeguard our mobile devices. This workshop will discuss the top threats to phone privacy and learn how CalyxOS’ “privacy-by-design” approach to digital security can help us better protect ourselves and our digital identities.


Catie Wilkinson
Chirayu Desai

Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to take this workshop -- just show up early to ensure a seat.:

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