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HOPE 2020 is Happening!

HOPE 2020 is a NINE DAY EVENT, spanning from Saturday, July 25th and running through Sunday, August 2nd, 2020. The event is entirely online, and will include scheduled talks, workshops, keynotes, concerts, and more! Registered attendees are able to interact live with presenters and each other.

Watch the live stream of talks and keynotes on the Hope Stream page or the ISOC livestream page The livestream restarts after every talk - this is to segment for replay. When you see the 'Changing Downlink Station' screen, reload the livestream page until you see the studio clock roll again.

To replay prior talks click on "Event posts" button (towards the upper right). This expands a listing of recorded talks. After a brief delay the talks are also posted to the Internet Archive where they can be downloaded.

The links to real-time text transcriptions are on the REAL_TIME_TEXT page (one transcription per talk or keynote). Similarly, you will need to refresh this page as it is updated at the start of each session.

There is also HOPE Livestream Channel 2 - that is mainly for announcements, as well as a few other items.


There are approximately 60 workshops scheduled throughout HOPE 2020!

Find the listing of workshops in the Schedule and Workshop links at In addition, here is a listing of workshop Wiki pages and a short FAQ, though not all workshops have developed their pages.

Workshop preregistration is NOT required. The workshop "room" will be announced in the "!HOPE Announcements" and "Workshops" matrix chats before each workshop begins. These chat rooms are available to all ticket holders. Some workshops have limited capacity (just like a physical workshop room does!), so workshop presenters may limit some attendees to only being able to view the workshop. Use the "Workshops" chat room if you have questions or issues. More info on each workshop is available on this HOPE 2020 wiki (you can search for the workshop name).


HOPE 2020 has cool Villages, where cool things may be happening at any time! Some have scheduled workshops, films, and performances as well. Info on each Village is available on their HOPE wiki page:
Lockpicking Village
Anarchist Hackers Village
Dim Sum Labs (Hong Kong hackerspace) Village
RF Village


HOPE2020 has a page for some of the Talks

Helpful information for attendees and presenters

Information about HOPE is available online at This wiki will be supporting conference planning and implementation.

  • Civility and the HOPE Code of Conduct. All participants are asked to be part of a safe and healthy conference.
  • LIVESTREAM: Watching HOPE on the Live Stream over the Internet
  • The live stream is archived pretty quickly at Archive dot org
  • Matrix Chat: Start at to get a username (detailed walkthrough), then follow the instructions to join HOPE's rooms via the Conference_bot.
    • If you want to use a client other than the web client (like an iOS or Android client), specify as the server name.
    • If you'd like to keep in touch with new friends from HOPE 2020 in the event that the HOPE Matrix server goes offline, a public Matrix room with the address that can be joined from any Matrix server has been created. It isn't Lobbycon but there's no reason cool stuff has to stop happening, either. Join us!
  • For workshops, see the BigBlueButton How-To: This is the teleconferencing software for most workshops.
  • Workshops Many of the workshops have a wiki page. Whether a workshop is recorded or what material is present is up to the presenter.
  • Knowledge Base: Entry to information for attendees, presenters and volunteers
  • Presenting at HOPE: Guidelines for speakers and workshops. Here is a link just about live music over Zoom:
  • Graphics and Logos: Official HOPE artwork
  • Discount codes: Donations from HOPE affiliates and enthusiasts

Information for volunteers

See our Volunteering page for a synopsis of roles. Utilize the email group list you are already on, to ask questions or check in. You can also use the volunteer area of the Matrix chat.

We want to help give back by holding a fundraiser for the EFF during the nine days of HOPE. We believe we can bring in $10,000 over that period. Throughout the conference, many EFF people will be giving talks on topics like the evils of Ring, mobile privacy, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, facial recognition, and more. And the traditional "Ask the EFF" panel is always a favorite with our attendees.

So please join with us and be among the first to support EFF so they'll be there for all of us in the future. We have a feeling we're going to be needing them.

The special HOPE link to donate is

Hackers Helping to Fight COVID-19

The unprecedented health threats and global response to the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted everyone.
Many hackers, makers, educators, and others have put their skills to use by contributing to solutions to a wide range of challenges.

These contributions are the essence of the hacker spirit: People using their skills, intelligence and energy to help other people. Hackers are helping by designing, making and distributing much-needed medical supplies. They are helping by creating communication forums, informative websites, software, and safe entertainment. They are helping by fighting disinformation, and doing research and experimentation to investigate solutions and mitigations.

On this page, we have collected links to some of the projects, products, groups, and activities that highlight how hackers are helping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We created a full page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and it will be updated as we get new information. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)