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Migrate your account!

The hope.net Matrix server will be shut down a while after the conference ends. When this happens, all accounts, rooms, and communities on riot.hope.net/matrix.hope.net will disappear. Before that happens, be sure to:

  • Make contact with your new friends outside Matrix, or with accounts (both you and them!) not on hope.net:
  • Create a new Matrix account on another homeserver, for example https://chat.fairydust.space/ or https://riot.privacytools.io/
  • If you want to, migrate your account from hope.net to your new homeserver
    • Your old homeserver would be matrix.hope.net, and your new one would be e.g. matrix.fairydust.space
    • For best results, sign out of both accounts while it runs - Make sure you wrote down your encryption key before signing out!
  • To keep chatting with HOPE folks, join #afterhope2020:fairydust.space by clicking the compass, pasting the room name, and hitting enter.
  • If you have any problems, ask in the tech support channel!

Note: Your new account will not be able to authenticate with CoreBot, since your ticket has already been used. This doesn't really matter, since the attendee channels will be locked soon (if they aren't already).

How to join chat

  • Create or sign in to a Matrix account
  • Since HOPE is over, feel free to join any public rooms that interest you, or chat with HOPE 2020 attendees in #afterhope2020:fairydust.space
  • HOPE is over, otherwise you would talk to our CoreBot to get access to the chat rooms

For help with the bot, please see the CoreBot help.

Using the Web Client

Visit https://chat.fairydust.space/ to create an account (walkthrough). HOPE is over, otherwise you would then send the bot (@corebot:hope.net) a direct message with the command ticket then your ticket code. More information

Desktop and Mobile Matrix Clients

If you wish to use your own client instead of riot.hope.net, we recommend element. It supports iOS, Android, and desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux).

You will likely need to set the client to use your homeserver, like matrix.fairydust.space or matrix.hope.net depending on where you created your account. You can see a screenshot of how to do this below.

Once you are signed in to your account, if HOPE weren't over, you would then send the bot (@corebot:hope.net) a direct message with the command ticket then your ticket code. More information

Screenshot overview of setting a custom homeserver in element


  • The desktop client isn't working
    Wait a few minutes and try again. Make sure you're using the correct homeserver (see above)! If it's still not working, try the web client.
  • I'm missing a channel or I can't join a channel
    Send the bot the ticket command and your code again, it will try again to invite you to rooms.

How to create your HOPE Matrix account on the web (slideshow)

Note: adding your email for registration is optional. If you add an email you are required to verify it before you can log in.

A legend of some common functions in Element (Riot) are shown here.

matrix legend matrix community tooltip

Join other unofficial rooms

If you want to see the unofficial rooms click the icon to the right of the search bar to explore other rooms

matrix legend