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How to join chat

Corebot image.png

You can join using any Matrix account. If you need to set up a client and create an account, check below! Once you're signed up and signed in, just send the token you were emailed (HOPE2024-ABCD...) to to get access to the HOPE XV space. If you have multiple tokens (for example, as both an attendee and a presenter), send each in its own message.

The bot will validate your token and send you an invite, which you can find in the Spaces section of the app (left bar on web/desktop, squares-and-circle icon at bottom right on mobile). Once you've accepted the invite you can explore the rooms in the space, like Announcements, Jobs & Gigs, Info Desk, and the chats for each scheduled talk.

For help check the troubleshooting section below or CoreBot help.

Using the Web Client

Visit to create an account (walkthrough). Send the bot ( a direct message with the ticket code you were sent. More information

Using Desktop and Mobile Matrix Clients

We recommend Element. It supports iOS, Android, and desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux).

If you are using the HOPE homeserver, you will need to set your client to talk to

Screenshot of the Element Android login page with a red arrow pointing towards the Edit button at the top right Screenshot of the Element Android homeserver entry screen with red arrows pointing out the Server URL of and the Next button

Once you are signed in to your account, send the HOPE bot ( a direct message with the ticket code. More information


  • The desktop client isn't working
    Wait a few minutes and try again. Make sure you're using the correct homeserver (see above)! If it's still not working, try the web client.
  • I'm missing a rooms or I can't join a rooms
    Have you sent your HOPE2024-ABCD... token to the bot? Have you accepted the invite to the HOPE XV space? You should be able to
  • I'm on desktop or web, and can't see any rooms
    Click the HOPE XV space twice, or right click -> explore rooms, and you should see the Talks space and general rooms.
  • I'm on mobile, and can't see any rooms
    At the bottom right is a button with three squares and a circle. Tap that, tap "HOPE XV", tap "HOPE XV" at the top of your screen, tap "Explore rooms", and from there you can join the Talks space and general rooms.
  • I sent my token to the bot, but it didn't respond
    Make sure you're sending it in a PM. You may need to leave the PM with the bot and create a new one. You may need to disable the "Never send encrypted messages to unverified sessions" setting. If all else fails, try again later, or see below.
  • I'm having another issue!
    If you've gotten connected to Matrix, try the Tech Support room. If you can't get to that room, PM If you can't connect at all, and googling hasn't helped, [helpdesk email tbd]

How to create your HOPE Matrix account on the web (slideshow)

Note: adding your email for registration is optional. If you add an email you are required to verify it before you can log in.

A legend of some common functions in Element are shown here.

matrix legend

Join other unofficial rooms

If you want to see the unofficial rooms click the icon to the right of the search bar to explore other rooms

matrix legend