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How to join chat

  • Create or sign in to a Matrix account
  • Talk to our CoreBot to get access to the chat rooms

For help with the bot, please see the CoreBot help.

Using the Web Client

Visit to create an account, then send the bot your ticket code.

Desktop and Mobile Matrix Clients

If you wish to use your own client instead of, we recommend element. It supports iOS, Android, and desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux).

You will need to set the client to use a custom homeserver of if you wish to use an account on our server. You can see a screenshot of how to do this below.

Once you are signed in to your account, send the bot your ticket code.

Screenshot overview of setting a custom homeserver in element

How to create your HOPE Matrix account on the web (slideshow)

Note: adding your email for registration is optional. If you add an email you are required to verify it before you can log in.

A legend of some common functions in Element (Riot) are shown here.

matrix legend matrix community tooltip