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The HOPE Network Operations Center manages the digital infrastructure for the convention. Something not working? Check our status page.

Chat and Workshop Help

Please see the Matrix and Workshop pages.

WiFi Connections

We're all-online this year, you're on your own!

Wired Connections

At physical conventions, we have two ways to connect. Around the conference floor there should be wall plates, please contact us to have one connected for you. Alternatively, we have colocation space available in the NOC.




  • Is X down?
    Check our status page. Have you tried turning your stuff off and on again? (How many times?)
  • I have a public IP address??
    Yes! IPv4 Global, an IP broker based in NYC was kind enough to provide a /18 of IP address space.
  • Why do I have a public IP address?
    We want you to express your creativity and put our network to use. Enjoy, and use more bandwidth.
  • How are we connected?
    From Hotel Penn we had a 10 Gbps dark fiber circuit to 111 8th Ave, where we pick up Hurricane Electric connectivity. We hope to have a similar arrangement this year. We operate our own Autonomous System (AS6427) with IPv4 and IPv6 BGP sessions.
  • How can I connect to the network?
    See the instructions earlier in this article.
  • Why can't I get 10Gbps on my phone?
    Physics. Need more OFDM. And MIMO.

Getting Help

If the FAQ didn't answer your questions, please email or tweet @hopenoc with any questions. During physical conventions, you can also come to the NOC area, usually near security.


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Aruba Networks
Hurricane Electric
IPv4 Global