OSINT Primer workshop

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OSINT Primer workshop


In this 6-hour Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) workshop, taught by a passionate social engineer and DerbyCon Black Badge recipient for the Social Engineering Capture the Flag with a proven OSINT track record, we will begin with a fundamental understanding of OSINT. We will also discuss the legal and ethical considerations of collection and destruction of OSINT data. From here, we will discuss the offensive and defensive applications of OSINT information. In the next modules, we will discuss “People OSINT” and “Business OSINT” as they relate to offensive attacks. We will wrap up with a 2-hour capture the flag.

Full Description

During this course, we're going to go over the analytic mindset that enhances one's ability to do OSINT. We will delve into Business OSINT, People OSINT, and OPSEC then finish the day with a live OSINT CTF against real companies.


You need to REGISTER in advance to take this workshop::
Register Here


The main requirement is unfiltered internet access. Kali or another Linux distro won't hurt, but it won't impede your ability to learn either.

Required Software

A web browser