Onion (web)rings: self-hosting websites with Tor Workshop

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Onion (Web)Rings: Self-Hosting Websites With Tor

This workshop will be given:
   Day 2: Saturday, 13-July-2024, 5:30pm - 7:00pm, in Tobin 223 (Workshop 3)

Materials cost:

NOTE: You do NOT need to register to take this workshop -- please show up early to ensure a seat at Tobin 223 (Workshop 3).


Self-hosting your own websites is one entry point into making creative, small-scale, and meaningful reclamations of technologies present in our everyday lives. This workshop is a tiny exercise in homemade website infrastructure with a privacy-centric lens! It will start with a brief introduction to Tor and how websites can be hosted and accessed anonymously. Then, you’ll spend time going through the process of installing, configuring, and running Tor to host a personal website. You’ll then create your own web pages (bring your own or personalize the provided template), and form a short-lived webring by linking to each other’s onion websites.


Lizz Thabet

Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to take this workshop -- just show up early to ensure a seat.:

More info: