Remote Hardware Development, Hacking, Reverse-Engineering, and Education Workshop

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Remote Hardware Development, Hacking, Reverse-Engineering, and Education for the Next Pandemic workshop

This workshop will be given:
   Day 3: Sunday, 24-July-2022, 3:30pm - 5:30pm, Workshop A (D'Angelo 309)

NOTE: You do NOT need to register to take this workshop -- please show up early to ensure a seat at Workshop A (D'Angelo 309).


In this workshop you will learn about the available tools and methods that will help you access, hack, reverse-engineer, or teach embedded systems using physical hardware in a remote location. I will share with you what I successfully used before and during the pandemic to help the Cairo Hackerspace community have seamless remote access to unaffordable (to them) educational embedded systems devices. I will show you how remote hardware tools helped me teach Arduino, robotics, and software defined radio more efficiently to my online students. And lastly, I will present some professional use cases from my personal experience and how it helped me supply a museum and an escape room in New York City with quick remote technical support for most of their hardware related problems that previously required an engineer to be present in person. I will be using a Linux laptop and raspberry pi running Ubuntu.


Tarek Omar

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Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to take this workshop -- just show up early to ensure a seat.:

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