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Do you have a ticket for HOPE XV that you want to give away or sell to someone else?

Please add your name and contact info here:

2024 HOPE $150 Paypal/Venmo, hopeticket at t-b-o-h DOT com

2024 HOPE $150 in person, anthonymonge AT mac DOT me ** Anthony your email address is undeliverable, from hazeyez

2024 HOPE $150 in person, eugene @ dobry DOT me

2024 HOPE (2 x $150) in person, birdetta @ cyberdione DOT ai

2024 HOPE $100 cash in person, dal AT riseup DOT net

examplename1, example AT domain1 DOT com
examplename2 - $150, example AT domain2 DOT com

Do you want to buy a ticket for HOPE XV?

Please add your name and contact info here:

looking for a ticket for Sunday, can meet anywhere between Brooklyn and HOPE, htwb661@joshreply.com

hazeyez, hazeyez@**REMOVED**

Shira, shira.xiv@gmail.com

Aidan, ambehrens@proton.me

Nate, herringgull@protonmail.com

Evan, scievan at gmail dot com

Katie, katiethesurfer@gmail.com (Virtual)

Coner M, email4eviews@gmail.com