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== Presenter(s) ==
== Presenter(s) ==
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Travel Hacking Workshop With TProphet

This workshop will be given:
   Day 1: Friday, 22-July-2022, 5:30pm - 8:30pm, Workshop B (D'Angelo 306)

NOTE: You do NOT need to register to take this workshop -- please show up early to ensure a seat at Workshop B (D'Angelo 306).


Do you have airline miles, bank points, or hotel points? Have a trip you've always wanted to take? In this workshop, you can learn how to (legally!) fly for (almost) free. Use the points you've earned to take the trip of your dreams for far less than you may expect. Learn how to enjoy luxury travel and even fly "up front" with the rich and famous, for as little as $5.60 out of pocket. There's a catch, though: airlines only give away the seats they don't think they'll sell, so you'll need to think like a hacker. Can you be flexible with dates, airlines and destinations? Are you willing to consider visiting countries off the beaten path? Come prepared to book right away--great deals don't last!



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Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to take this workshop -- just show up early to ensure a seat.:

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