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XLterrestrials present CiTiZEN KiNO episode no.86: Frackyworld Inc. and Routing Around It ! ( workshop / performance - 1.5 hours suggested )

Preferred dates July 30 or 31

XLt bio: We are community artists, writers, independent media activists, VJ/DJ/XJs, event producers and co-founders of CiTiZEN KiNO. Collaborations have included Transmediale festival, Haus Der Kulturen (HKW), Piranha Music, Chaos Communications Congress, Hellerau Theater in Dresden, Dokumenta, Ars Electronica, KulturBrauerei, MS Stubnitz, Czech Zentrum Berlin, A4 in Bratislava, Klub MaMa, Kinema Ikon, C-Base, Noisebridge, EFF, ATA/Other Cinema, Cellspace, Journal Of Aesthetics and Protest, Regenbogenfabrik (cinema), Rogue Art (music label), etc.

About: C-KINO is a public event series which mixes media activism + analysis, curated film screenings, performance and public discussion.

Topic ( episode no.86 ) : Through an expanded cinema format we investigate our current dismal scenarios of living in a hyper-industrialised world shaped by a variety of ‘fracking’ industries and exploitative, profit-seeking mentalities. While most of us by now have been exposed to the new toxic forms of petrochemical energy production, the methods of hydraulic fracturing invented in 1947 by the fossil fuels industries are also a perfectly grisly metaphor for the monstrously expanded extraction techniques of capitalising on all human communications and social interactions. Through various media clips we will provide an overview into what Shoshana Zuboff and others have illuminated as the deeply penetrating “Surveillance Capitalism”, which has become the central economic engine of the data industries. We might also call it the new modus operandi of transforming humans into “digital being” ( Negroponte - MIT ). In the legendary phrase of hacker pioneer John Gilmore, we look for ways to “route around these problems”, in order to reclaim and reconstruct an embodied and sustainable co-existence within the full spectrum of living organisms.

The XLterrestrials are an arts + praxis species which has been collaborating with a wide variety of arts, sciences, technologies and humanities fields for nearly two decades. And we have been producing CiTiZEN KINO events internationally since 2011, which utilises our experiences in the tactical media and culture jamming genre / movements which sprouted in the 80s/90s, and which also took inspirations from earlier practices pioneered by the Situationists, Dada and Surrealism. All of which, we consider to some extent to be the forebearers of today’s creative and resistant strains of hackerdom.

For HOPE, we would like to propose a special streaming edition, whereby we go against the grain of all the Zoomy-surveillance exuberance in our “corona-reboot” predicaments. We offer a LIVE “silhouette version” of our community events ( at a Berlin venue TBA ) *, whereby our team and local participants are playfully anonymised behind a projection screen, which is also the surface for the films which we will present for the topics we analyse. We will be like “shadow puppets” commenting on the media clips, or something in the vein of Mystery Science Theater 3000, heckling this horrible B-movie disaster we all find ourselves immersed in during these Trumpy-dumpster-fire times.


details about stream Tech coming soon.