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A brief introduction to GNU screen


Screen is part of the GNU project, and is an overlooked utility that can make working on the command line much easier. Screen is a terminal multiplexer that allows for disconnecting remote sessions, multiple ways to enhance viewing of your command line sessions, and better ways to capture data from those sessions. I’ll show you how to use all of this, as well as how to install it under several GNU/Linux (and other) operating systems.


You need to REGISTER in advance to take this workshop::
registration link info TBD


There are no physical supplies to be had. Aside from a Unix variant or antoher computer than can run screen.

Required Software

If the attendees can load screen before starting the workshop, they will have a litte more time to explore the program. GNU/Linux users will have instructions within the workshop, Windows and Mac users should download ahead of time.


The slides are at: [1]