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* [[Effective_Meeting_Design_workshop]]
* [[Effective_Meeting_Design_workshop]]
* [[Evolve_Beyond_Grade_Based_Education_workshop]]
* [[Evolve_Beyond_Grade_Based_Education_workshop]]
* [[Hidden_in_Plain_Text_workshop]]
== FAQ ==
== FAQ ==

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Workshop Directory


  • How are workshops delivered?
    We are using BigBlueButton, an education-focused multi-user teleconferencing system. BBB should work with any Web browser, including mobile devices.
  • Is preregistration needed?
    No. It's first-come, after workshops open, typically 10-15 minutes before the start.
  • How many people can take each workshop?
    Workshop presenters set their own limit. Most presenters will allow additional people in the room, though they might limit the number who can share audio+video.
  • Where is the workshop link for me to join?
    The room link is posted in the Matrix "Workshops" room, shortly before the workshop begins.

Preregistration was required for the first day of HOPE, and then was discontinued to ensure as many ticketed attendees as possible can attend, with minimal fuss.