Workshops at HOPE XV

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Lots of workshops will be given throughout the three days of HOPE XV. Take advantage of them -- there is a lot to learn...

Please note that any materials needed to participate in hands-on portions of certain workshops will be available at-cost. In all cases, observers are welcome for free.

(almost) Free Radio Stations

Amateur Radio Using Digital Modes

Anarchist Assembly

Anarcho Curious

Arduino for Total Newbies

The Basics of Wi-Fi Hacking and Soldering

BlueLeaks Explorer: Learn to Analyze Hacked Police Documents

A Brief Introduction to tmux (A Better Way to Use the Command Line Remotely)

Bringing Privacy-Focused Computing Curriculum to Your School

Build Your Own Arduboy

Build Your Own Satellite Ground Station

Build Your Own Simple CMOS Noise Synthesizer

Build Your Own Toolkit Against Online Censorship: VPNs, Strategies and Beyond With Outline

CascaMesa Passive Drum, Drone, and Drama Machine

Cat-Themed USB Hacking and Soldering

Crack the Code of Government Transparency: FOIA Strategies

Creative Problem-Solving

Digital Music Synthesis - Solder With ArduTouch Synth Kit

Electronics Badge Hacking

Emergent Objects

Everyone Is Shanti Sena

Get Your Amateur (Ham) Radio License in a Single Day

Group Decision-Making Governance

Hands-On Linux: A Practical Introduction for Everyday Users

Learn Lockpicking!

How to Hunt and Map Wi-Fi Devices

Is There HOPE for Phone Privacy? CalyxOS and Privacy-Focused FLOSS Phone Solutions

Learn BadUSB Hacking With the USB Nugget

Learn Beginner Soldering With the Meow Mixer Badge

Learn Hardware Basics With DevKitty!

Learn to Solder With BiaSciLab and Girls Who Hack!

Learn to Solder With “I Can Solder!” Badge Kit

LED Strips Everywhere for Everyone!

LoRa for Hackers: Long Range Hacking for Beginners With CircuitPython

Make Your IoT LED Purrshen With WLED

Mastering Security in Development

Negotiating a New Job: Resumes and Interview Techniques

Onion (Web)Rings: Self-Hosting Websites With Tor

Physical Security Assessment Basics for Internal Employees

Script Your Way to Circuit Boards With Circuit Painter

Solder Your Own Cat-Shaped Wi-Fi Hacking Tool

Solder Your Own DevKitty

Try Web Application Pentesting With the Damn Vulnerable Nugget

Wi-Fi Hacking Self Defense: 4 Advanced Techniques and How to Stop Them