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BigBlueButton is our conferencing system, along with Greenlight.

Setting Up

Be sure to test your full setup ahead of time to make sure event time isn't spent troubleshooting! Make sure your PC and internet connection can handle simultaneous voice, screensharing, etc.


  • To reduce mayhem, most workshops do not allow participants to speak.
  • I'm allowed to speak, but can't.
    Make sure you joined the conference in "Microphone" mode, not "Listen only" mode. You can click the headphones button at the bottom to disconnect audio, then click it again to re-join in a different mode.
  • How can I ask a question?
    Ask your question in chat, or click your icon on the left to set your status to "Raise [hand]"
  • The conference died!
    Wait a minute, then refresh. If that doesn't work, go back to the original meeting invite link and re-join the meeting.

Having other issues? Please reach out to your assigned workshop support person or our NOC.