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HOPE XV is Happening in 2024!

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St. John's University

HOPE XV is a THREE DAY EVENT, spanning from Friday, July 12nd through Sunday, July 14th, 2024.
The event is live and in-person, at St. John's University, in Queens, New York City.
HOPE XV will include scheduled talks, panels, workshops, keynotes, geeky vendors, food, art, concerts, performances, and much more!

As with all HOPE conferences, you can watch all of the talks for free online, live-streamed. They will also all be recorded and available online after the conference.

Livestream Information (Marillac) (Little Theatre) (Tobin)

Virtual Attendance

All in-person attendees also get access to the full virtual program. This includes the online chat, and the ability to watch livestreams of all talks.

Click here to join the online Matrix chat. You will need the token from your ticket.

Tickets for HOPE XV

You can purchase in person at the HOPE XV Registration Desk in the Marillac Building on the St. John's University Campus. Tickets are available at the door starting on the first day of HOPE XV on 12 July.

Ticket Exchange

If you have a ticket to give away or trade, or if you want a ticket for HOPE XV, then you can try using our
        Ticket Exchange wiki page.

HOPE wiki accounts

If you are a ticket holder (either in-person or virtual) or a presenter and would like to create a wiki page for HOPE XV, please contact us, and we will create an account for you. Please email us:
        workshops AT hope DOT net


A lot of diverse workshops are scheduled throughout HOPE XV! Each workshop has its own wiki page.

The Workshop schedule will soon be posted on the HOPE website at

Please note that any materials needed to participate in hands-on portions of certain workshops will be available at cost. In all cases, observers are welcome for free. For specific details, visit the wiki page for the workshop.

Here is a page which lists all Workshops happening at HOPE XV:
       List of all scheduled Workshops HOPE XV

There will be no workshop preregistration. All workshops are first-come, first-served. Some workshops may be given twice.


HOPE XV will have lots of cool Villages, where cool things may be happening at any time! Some have scheduled workshops, films, and performances as well. Each Village has its own wiki page. There is an index of Villages on this wiki.

There will also be a large area with plenty of tables and chairs and AC power where anyone at HOPE can create a Village. At past HOPE conferences, there have been Villages for Lock Picking, Hardware Hacking, lots of hackerspace villages, tea making, anarchists, and many others.

Please note that any materials needed to participate in hands-on portions of certain workshops will be available at cost. In all cases, observers are welcome for free. For specific details, visit the wiki page for the workshop.

Here is a page which lists all Villages for HOPE XV:
       List of all Villages at HOPE XV


HOPE XV will have a lot of scheduled talks!

The Talks schedule is posted on the HOPE website at:

Unscheduled Talks

We have an unscheduled 4th track available in Tobin 217. Sign up to give a talk at the information desk! Find the schedule at 4th Track Talks


Please feel free to organize meetups for any topic. There is space at HOPE XV in Marillac Terrace.

2600net IRC & FB group will have a meetup on Day 1 Friday - 9pm in Marillac Terrace - Free water, soda, food, Meet other members, and friends, get something to eat and drink. Everyone is welcome. https : //fb. me/e/4Dyah5aLI

At the moment there is a scheduled Synth Meetup on Day 2 (Saturday) at 10:30 pm in Tobin 219 (Hardware Workshop).

Restore the Fourth will be hosting our meet up on Day 3 (Sunday) at 12:00 pm in the D'Angelo Center (near the Starbucks). Come chat with our members, learn how to get involved, and meet Cory Doctorow for a great conversation about the surveillance state.

We welcome all to join Restore the Fourth for drinks after Day 1 (Friday) has concluded at 10:00 pm at The Emerald Pub, 183-01 Horace Harding Expy, Queens, NY 11365. We'll be wearing our "I do not consent to a search" merch.<be>

HOPE XV Schedule apps

The entire schedule for talks, workshops, and performances is available on our website, of course, but you can also download two, independently created, free, and open source apps for seeing the entire HOPE XV schedule (talks, workshops, performances, etc) at a glance on your phone!

  • HOPE XV app logo.png

HOPE XV app, by Tobias Preuss (Android only -- with lots of settings for customization, plus alarms to be alerted of your favorite activities)

  • HackerTracker icon.png

Hacker Tracker app (Android and iOS)

HOPE XV Attendee Electronic Badge

HOPE attendees received an electronic badge with das blinkenlights. More info on exploring the badge can be found at HOPE XV Electronic Badge

The HOPE XV Electronic Badge PCB

Map of HOPE XV activities at St. John's University

For travel info to St. John's University, please visit our HOPE XV Travel page.

HOPE Registration Desk is in the Marillac Building's "Terrace" cafeteria, on Level 2. There are some signs to help you get there.

Note that the general parking lot is for daytime only. All overnight parking needs to be in the parking structure near Gate 6. The exception is that people with current handicap/accessibility tags can park in a labeled accessible spot in the general parking lot overnight. Access to campus after 11 pm is via Gate 6 only. Get your parking pass at the InfoDesk in Marillac Terrace.

Click on the map to enlarge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We created a full page of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and it will be updated as we get new information: