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Amateur Radio Station




Everyone is welcome to visit Special Event Station W2H, which plans to operate on several amateur radio bands during the HOPE XV conference, using various modes to freely communicate with hams around the globe - sans telecom infrastructure! If you're an amateur "ham" radio operator, you're part of a hacker community that goes back over a century. Bring your handie-talkie to QSO with the many hams at HOPE to keep up with what's happening.

As with past HOPES, a 70cm repeater is planned with input of 442.875 MHz (PL 167.9) and the output at 447.875 MHz. We also encourage simplex ops on 147.545 MHz and 433.545 MHz (PL 77.0).

Hosted by Joe Cupano, Dan Romanchik, and Ed Wilson.

Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to visit the Amateur Radio Station -- please visit whenever you like.:

More info: