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Anarchist Hacker Village


Marillac Terrace


A space for anarchists, abolitionists, anti-authoritarians, other like-minded folks, and friendly faces to meet and socialize. This is a space where hacking and technology are tools for total liberation. They will have freely available swag like zines and stickers, and possibly more things like tea. So please come by.


Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to visit the Anarchist Hacker Village -- please visit whenever you like.:

More info:

There are Workshops scheduled at the Anarchist Hacker Village.


A zine is a DIY published text, frequently made with whatever cheap or free printing/copying a resourceful person can 'legitimately' find ;).

We have many zines to give away, but in case we run out, here are digital versions of most of them! You can read on a device (screen reading), or print them out yourself (typically double-sided, short-side flip, 8.5x11 US letter paper).

Zine Title Description & Source Screen Reading Imposed for Printing
A Few Clarifications Concerning a Keylogger Installed in My Computer in-the-wild example of an implant (keylogger + more) being used by police to target anarchists in Italy, 2018. source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Ahead of Another Summer of Climate Disasters, Let’s Talk about Real Solutions a short text from Peter Gelderloos exploring why the strategies that mainstream environmental movements are currently employing to halt industrially-produced climate change are failing—and what we could be doing instead. For a more detailed engagement with these questions, we recommend Peter’s new book, The Solutions are Already Here: Strategies for Ecological Revolution from Below. source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Up Against the Firewall Stop creating technologies that will only serve to extend domination and surveillance over our lives! Technology isn't "neutral". source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Locating An Indigenous Anarchism source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
A Non-European Anarchism source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Unknowable: Against an Indigenous Anarchist Theory One part of a conversation including other pieces like "Locating An Indigenous Anarchism" source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
A Recipe for Nocturnal Direct Actions source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Black Armed Joy Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Cars as Cameras: A Short Overview of Tesla Surveillance Features and Lessons for Attack Classic CCTV surveillance like security cameras is well known. Newer but becoming well-known are private surveillance systems that give police access, like Ring doorbell cameras. There are also things like ALPR. This examines how cameras in Teslas are yet another source of mass surveillance at the hands of police. source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Cracking Screens: A Scam App Primer Screen Reading US Letter imposed
DNA You Say? Burn Everything to Burn Longer: A Guide to Leaving No Traces DNA evidence is now widely used by the judicial system as a tool of repression. In this context, circulating unverified information such as “acetone destroys DNA” puts people at risk of repression. The aim of this zine is both to understand how the cops identify a person using DNA and to propose ways to protect oneself from identification. source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Boobs Not Bombs! Fairy Wings V1.1 Simple guide to combining internet-bought ingredients (like estradiol powder and propylene glycol) to create your own DIY transdermal estrogen! Do it with friends (with appropriate security precautions)! source:
A Hacker’s Manifesto By McKenzie Wark source US Letter imposed
Make a Faraday shield for your phone Guide to creating a simple disposable faraday shield for your phone using tape, aluminum foil and construction paper source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Send files securely with Magic Wormhole Guide to using the Magic Wormhole utility to send files peer-to-peer source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
How to Give Yourself an Abortion Simple guide to using medication to manage your own abortion Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Linux Essentials Brief introduction to Linux for anarchists source US Letter imposed
Minimizing DNA Traces During Riotous Moments Information about how DNA traces are created or prevented is limited to several myths that are passed around. ... By arming ourselves with some preparation and an accurate understanding of how DNA is transferred, it is possible to drastically limit the amount of DNA we leave behind. source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Qubes OS for Anarchists Guide to using Qubes OS source US Letter imposed
Rethinking the Apocalypse: An Indigenous Anti-Futurist Manifesto Settler society is apocalyptic and has no future but death for us and the earth. source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Stop Hunting Sheep: A Guide to Creating Safer Networks This pamphlet explores the possibilities for countering covert investigative efforts initiated or assisted by police. Sprung from discussions following two police infiltrations into anarchist networks in Southern Ontario[1] in the lead up to the G20 summit in Toronto in 2010, this text offers suggestions on how to start making your networks safer and creating an active security culture within our everyday activities and organizing. source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Tails Best Practices All anarchists should know how to use Tails — this text describes some additional precautions you can take that are relevant to an anarchist threat model. Not all anarchist threat models are the same, and only you can decide which mitigations are worth putting into practice for your activities source US Letter imposed
Make Your Electronics Tamper-Evident Physical access to devices make it possible to install any number of surveillance tools in difficult to detect ways. "One way to minimize this risk is to make devices tamper-evident." source US Letter imposed
Transmissions in a Hostile Territory - What We Learned Broadcasting a Pirate Radio Station into a Prison How some people used a DIY FM transmitter to broadcast radio into prison, and what happened when the police caught them. source source 2 Screen Reading US Letter imposed Nicer US Letter imposed
Turn Off Your Phone - And Other Basic Digital Security Strategies This is designed to be a beginner level introduction to digital security. While a phone isn’t likely to be the thing that gets you in trouble, once a crime is committed digital data is one of the first places authorities will look for evidence. source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Why the State Can’t Compromise with the Gaza Solidarity Movement - And What That Means for Us "Since the end of the Second World War, genocide has been understood as the clearest example of absolute evil. “Never again!” has been held up as a moral imperative. ... The current conflict amounts to this: either the United States empire must be dismantled or the conscience of a whole generation will be destroyed." source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
You Can't Catch What You Can't See: Against Video Surveillance "This text is a case study of video surveillance in France, and most of its content is based on the French context. However, we believe it can be useful to an international audience because understanding how video surveillance works in France can help to understand how it works in other places" source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
Red Flags: Before You Join That Org… "Ever since October 7th, authoritarian communist groups and vanguard parties have had a fresh crisis to use for their predatory recruiting and fundraising. ... This zine is an intervention. Written for people newer to radical politics, it outlines red flags to look out for, provides some history of the most well-known authoritarian communist groups’ harmful behavior, and offers a few alternatives to joining them. Give this to the new people you’re seeing join movements, it could help them avoid lots of grief and serious harm." source Screen Reading US Letter imposed
The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work "Cryptography rearranges power: it configures who can do what, from what. This makes cryptography an inherently political tool, and it confers on the field an intrinsically moral dimension. The Snowden revelations motivate a reassessment of the political and moral positioning of cryptography. ... I call for a community-wide effort to develop more effective means to resist mass surveillance. I plead for a reinvention of our disciplinary culture to attend not only to puzzles and math, but, also, to the societal implications of our work." Screen Reading
Delta Chat for Anarchists "I’m really happy about the enormous success of Signal and how it’s the unquestionable default when it comes to securely connecting and scheming with each other online. Signal really shines at what it does, and I don’t see a reason for us to stop using it. But I’ve noticed that the centralized nature of Signal can be a bit limiting for us at times, so I think we should all take a closer look at Delta Chat [1] and experiment with it." source Screen Reading US Letter imposed

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