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Let’s build a new! Discussion & workgroup

Meeting Notes


By introducing people from all over the world to local hackerspace communities, the website laid the groundwork for introducing a lot of people to a scene that would forever change their lives in a positive way (including for me). But over the years the website database became outdated, the UX/UI design makes it difficult to find anything and is not very welcoming (both for newcomers and command-line lovers). After creating HackspaceOS (an open-source website template / Hackerspace online community hub), I started collecting more and more ideas on how a new website could look like - to introduce hackerspaces to even more people and improve the collaboration between existing spaces. Let’s have a conversation about how the new website should be like, let’s make it a project with wide support of hackerspaces from all over the world - and let’s start building it!


Marco - Creating empowering software, glowing LEDs, and other weird projects. Patreon: Glowingkitty


None - everyone is welcome to join, as long as you are excellent to each other.

Preparation from attendees

People should have visited the current (outdated) website and clicked a bit around on the website to get a better feeling of how it looks and feels like at the moment.