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Building a Home Lab and Introduction to Web Application Hacking

Getting started in hacking seems like a big task; Where to start? What should I start learning? How can I practice? Join BiaSciLab, C.E.O. of Girls Who Hack for answers to all these questions and get yourself started on your hacking career!

This is an intense, hands on (bring a laptop!) hacking class to get you started with web application hacking. You will learn: Setting up a virtual lab, introduction to Docker, Cross Site Scripting and more!

What you will need for this workshop

We Strongly suggest a separate computer for watching the conference and one for the class!

- Computer must be capable of running a 64 bit operating system.(Mac, Windows or Linux) 8 gigs of ram and 1 gig available HD space

- Latest version of Virtual Box installed.

- Ubuntu 18.04 server (downloaded only)

- Google Chrome or Chromium web browser

Please check out my sites to support me, see my past talks and more classes coming soon!


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