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DevKitty Village


Marillac Terrace


DevKitty is a cat-themed hacking platform created by Alex Lynd. They host frequent workshops at L.A. hackerspaces, and also pop up at conferences around the United States!

The DevKitty Village will offer hardware and hacking mini-classes throughout the day where attendees can learn at their own pace and ask questions about any of the proposed topics.

Their development kit, the DevKitty (formerly Nugget), is a cat-themed hacking companion you build yourself. They will give out free samples that attendees can solder themselves and use to follow along with the mini lessons on any of the three days!
They will offer a small soldering and repair area where they can work on projects, or build one of their kits. Levels will range from beginner to advanced; lessons will be offered asynchronously and at the attendee’s pace.


Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to visit the DevKitty Village -- please visit whenever you like.:

More info:

There are Workshops scheduled at the DevKitty Village.