Digispark USB Attack Tool Workshop

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Program your own HID payloads with a Digispark!

Human Interface Device attacks like the USB rubber ducky are famous for being able to exploit a computer with only a few seconds of physical access by pretending to be a keyboard.

In this class, we’ll program a microcontroller in Arduino to create our own scripts that run when the device is plugged into a target computer.

Students will need a Digispark to program and compete in a CTF challenge.


Computer with Arduino IDE installed ( https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software ) and a Digispark board ( https://www.amazon.com/Ximimark-ATTINY85-General-Development-Arduino/dp/B07FCHFB85/ )

About our teacher:

Kody Kinzie is a security researcher at Varonis, with a background in Wi-Fi security and low-cost hacking tools. He hosts the Cyber Weapons Lab show on Null Byte's YouTube channel, a soon to be released show for Hak5, and the Varonis Security Tools podcast. Aside from Wi-Fi hacking, Kody also teaches about open-source intelligence, Python programming, and Arduino-based hacking tools.