Group Decision Making Governance Workshop

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Group Decision-Making Governance

This workshop will be given:
   Day 2: Saturday, 13-July-2024, 7:30pm - 9:00pm, in Tobin 221 (Workshop 2)

Materials cost:

NOTE: You do NOT need to register to take this workshop -- please show up early to ensure a seat at Tobin 221 (Workshop 2).


All are welcome to this facilitated group workshop on sharing and comparing experiences of group decision-making. Everyone who wants to gets a turn. The point is to explore the challenges of holding power together and add to people’s toolkit of collective sense-making, collective intelligence, and group decision-making approaches in order to enhance the ability of HOPE attendees to take collective action in whatever contexts they may exist within. Participants will see where the conversation goes regarding further exploration of specific challenges or entertaining ideas for addressing specific challenges.


Liz Barry

Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to take this workshop -- just show up early to ensure a seat.:

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