Lockpick Village

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Lockpick Village


Marillac Terrace


A place to learn and practice lockpicking. As part of Lockpick Extreme, Christine Bachman and Bob Hermes have run lockpick villages for many public conferences including B-Sides SF, B-Sides Chicago, and the Diana Initiative. Here you will find the necessary materials, locks, picks, instructional aids, and knowledgeable instructors.

Lockpick Extreme provides fun, informative remote and in-person lockpicking workshops for team building and marketing events. This is Lock Pick Extreme's ninth year hosting lockpick villages for security conferences, trade shows, and nonprofit organizations that they believe in. They love to spread the joy of discovery and accomplishment that comes with learning how to pick locks. Locks are just puzzles you can solve without the key.

fediverse: @LockEx@ioc.exchange
instagram: @lockpickextreme

With the help of Paulette Ivanovic the Lockpick Village will be hosting an ongoing workshop for all three days of HOPE XV, where everyone can come by to learn and practice lockpicking. All of the necessary materials will be available for you to use, including locks, picks, and instructional aids. Knowledgeable instructors will give you an understanding of how locks work.

Registration -- NOT required

You do not need to register in advance to visit the Lockpick Village -- please visit whenever you like.:

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