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Mating Online


Join us for a virtual Mate circle.

Mate fuels a good part of the community. Not only does it enhance your energy, but it is rich in vitamins and nutrients! [1]

Full Description

Drinking Mate helps you break through to a new dimension

Participants will have a chance to learn the basics about mate from its properties, to preparation techniques and have a chance to discuss the flavours of different mates.

Mate is more than a drink, it is a whole world with a philosophy behind it!

Due to the unique combination of caffeine, theobromine and nutrients, mate contributes to a positive energy and stronger immune system. [2]

Over the past decade Meta Mate has been spreading the Mate from Brasil to Berlin and beyond serving the community from our space in Berlin as well as hosting Mate circles at various events

In this workshop we will discuss some of the basic mate preparation techniques and the differences between different types of Mate.

We realise that not everyone will have access to the proper equipment, and some might prefer to just sip on their bottle of Club Mate, we welcome mate drinkers in all forms!


     What: Drink a Mate online
     When: Sunday July 26, DAY 2 10:30am-12:00pm -- New York Time (EDT)
       Sunday August 2, DAY 9 09:00am-10:30am -- New York Time (EDT)
     Where: link will be emailed to all registered participants
     Who: Anyone and everyone who is interested in mate drinking
     Max #: 15 participants
           -- You must register to take this workshop -- please see REGISTRATION info, below.
           -- OPTIONAL: To follow along hands-on during the workshop, you may purchase a Hope mate set online or in our shop in Berlin
                    -- please see MATERIALS section below

     Cost: 32 € for materials -- (69 € if you want more advanced set) plus shipping.
               Please see MATERIALS section below

     Instructor: Meta Mate

     website: [3]


You need to REGISTER in advance to take this workshop::
registration link info TBD To register, please see the email sent to all HOPE 2020 ticket holders.


To do the hands-on portion of this workshop we recommend a basic mate set, which you can order online:
Mate Set
Cost: 33 €
IMPORTANT: This is only for the EU. Orders placed by 27 July 23.59pm will be sent out on July 28 and will hopefully be on time for the 2nd workshop
For participants in the US we recommend:

Additional Notes

While mate drinking has a lot to do with sharing physical presence, we will try to transport the essence of this in the workshop and most importantly be there to answer all questions and look forward to hosting this online circle!


Here's some geek mate history!